A post from before! Yanacocha

Hey guys so I am going to try and catch up on my adventures (although I am already a month late haha)

Okay so here is my reflection from Yanacocha. I went on the 4th of Feb. Yanacocha is a cloud forest and it stands for Black Lake in Kichwa. 🙂

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Hey! My first post!~~

my new computer and me

My new computer and me!!! (courtesy of snapchat)

Reporting live from Quito, Ecuador!

I am currently on my semester aborad (spring of junior year) in Ecuador with the SIT program. I got to Quito on the 1st of Feb…but it is currently the 20th. The question is: why did it take me so long to start a blog?? Well, I just got my computer! Up until now, I have been computer-less and it kinda sucked… but now I have a new laptop, so I can blog. 🙂

Fun fact about my computer: it has a spanish keyboard! This means that as I am typing I can’t really look at the keyboard or I will get confused and press the wrong buttons and such. But eventually, I think I will just get used to typing on this new keyboard, till then years of writing essays when I am half asleep are going to come in handy.

I haven’t really decided what I want to blog about (specifically that is). I am thinking just general stuff that I think about and obvi science. I am on an ecology program so Imma have to post SOME things about science…or at least pictures.

Just warning y’all, I have LOTS of pictures I took in January from Belize (I did a course there for my january term) and so those pictures are going to make their way through. Warning: lots of birds.

I guess this will be kind of a space to process my life while away, and hey, maybe I will keep it going after this semester ends… Who knows? This may be good for me. 🙂